2011-17 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
since 2021: hugs plants in the „ kraina yyzzz” (land of yz)
since 2017: maid at Free Rooms art project
2017 „Intimate Space”, Dolnych Młynów Krakow
2017 „Nocowanko” (overnight stay), Limanka Łódź Fashion House
2018 „Warsztat Gallery”, Young Wolves, Trafo Gallery, Szczecin
2019 „ACTION ALICJA” Quadriennial Scenography in Prague
2019 Triennial of Small Painting Forms, GS Wozownia Trouń
2020 „Poliferation and Premonition”, Institute of Cybernetics of Art, Gdańsk
2020 „Space Definition”, BWA Kielce
2020 „Free Reality” scholarship of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship
2021 „revire” Institute of Cybernetics of Art